Follow the Buzzard
Arudwy Way

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The Route: To join ‘The Way’ from
Harlech start at the Castle and go up the hill past The Lion Hotel. In 1 mile at the chapel turn left for 0.5 miles then fork right, signposted Cwm Bychan. In another mile you join the Northern Section of ‘The Way’ going left. The path passes Rhyd yr Eirin (A) and then crosses high moorland with spectacular views inland and towards the sea. After roughly 1 mile look left for the 2500 year old Iron Age Fort on Moel Goedog and a glimps e of Llyn Cwm Bychan way below to the right. Wheatears may be seen in spring and summer and also buzzards and peregrines (B).

After another 2 miles ‘The Way’ goes left (easy to miss) and follows a Bronze Age (3000 to 4000 years ago) trackway for a further mile before turning off left. From here take a detour of 200 yards to the north east to a knoll and Bryn Cader Faner, a spectacular Bronze Age burial site (C). In the bog on the left of the path are rare mosses. ‘The Way’ passes further Bronze and Iron Age burial, ceremonial and settlement sites as it descends to the lane and turns left and left again after the zig zags. These oak woods are special because of the trees, pied flycatchers, three species of woodpecker and bats. The small lake, Llyn Tecwyn Isaf, has lilies and contains some of Wales rarest dragonflies and damselflies. Otters are occasionaly seen.

‘The Way’ turns sharp right up to Llandecwyn Church and provides a stunning view of the Coastal Morfa, the estuary (D), and Snowdon. On to Llyn Tecwyn Uchaf (E) (which has the legend of Dorti the local witch), before heading left to the main road.

Reverse Route: For the reverse direction of the Northern Section, Llandecwyn to Harlech or Llanfair, start up the hill from the crossroads in Llandecwyn and in 200 yards ‘The Way’ starts on the left.